“David” is a marble sculpture created by Italian sculptor Michelangelo Bonarrotti between 1501 and 1504. It is now in the collection of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy.
This sculpture is a marble statue with a height of 3.96 meters and a base of 5.5 meters. The statue shows the image of a young and powerful naked man with a strong body, a firm look, full muscles, and vitality. It seems that he can feel the blood vessels in the character’s body, and it highlights David’s tall image as a hero.


Name: David bust

Size:51″ tall

Stone: White marble

When most people heard of David, the first reaction was to be a perfect man. In fact, David was a young hero in the Bible. He once killed the Philistine giant Goliath who invaded the Jews and defended the city and people. At that time, David was still a piece of marble, because the stone was hard and the space for play was very small, he was tossed in several sculpture houses to no avail. Finally, this marble finally waited for Michelangelo. In Michelangelo’s view, any stone has a soul. The sculptor just removes the extra part of the stone and “leads out” the real image. In the past, artists mostly represented the image of David cutting off the enemy’s giant and stepping on the head of Goliath. Michelangelo did not use the previous scene of David’s victory over the enemy and stepped on the enemy’s head. Instead, he chose the tense moment of David’s throwing stones. In this work, David is a muscular and well-proportioned man. Image of young hero. He stood confidently and valiantly, grabbing the sling with his left hand, hanging his right hand, turning his head to the left, handsome face, piercing eyes staring into the distance, as if searching for enemies in the distance to the horizon, at any time Ready to enter a new battle.


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